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Relaxed Joyful Energy Is My Happy Spot

Thank you for visiting my website! I'm from the heart of South America: Paraguay, currently living in the beautiful heart of the South United States: Georgia. Many, many years ago (like 20!) I was diagnosed with a severe digestive desease which made me very depress. For many years I lived, as I always said: '"in a trance" sunk in a lot of medications and antidepressants. At that time medication saved me, but I didn't wat to live my whole life taking tons of medications so I started to explore "alternative medicine". And guess what is the best medicine in the world?...Air, yup, right now take a deeeeep and loooong in-breath, and now focus on your loooooong exhale. Good job! you just boosted your immune cells, easy, right?  

 a your in-breathing  Until one day   got involved in fitness and wellness became a industry veteran for over a decade, certified by IFBB The International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness for Personal Training, in addition to being a certified Thai Massage Therapist, Certified Flexologist, and Group Fitness Instructor in Indoor Cycling, Dance, and Stage Combat. Also, I'm an avid Yoga and Meditation practitioner. 
He's also an actor! You'll find him featured in commercials and movies that have been filmed both locally and in NY. He brings that fun, infectious drama here in the studio, as well!

"I love working for StretchLab because seeing people make changes to their lifestyle that results in the outcome they desire, makes me feel good and anything I can do to help them along the way is even better"

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